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"This was a great course. Very rewarding. I loved every minute of it because it was so organized. Walking through every activity and completing was a great learning experience. It gave me a chance to really dig deep and understand the material. "Right On". And the final exam was I think correctly difficult. I used all but 4 minutes of the 1 hour time limit. I am so impressed with this course and how it was structured. I cannot say enough about it."
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Learn how to get what you want FAST.  In this course, you learn and practice fast and effective Cheetah negotiation strategies and tactics.
What is the difference between people who are top earners in their field and those who are not? Their ability to negotiate what they want. Learn the negotiations skills that will get you and keep you at the top of your profession while you cultivate solid long term relationships. Work with a Cheetah Negotiations Coach to create all the success possible for you.
Want the whole story? Then you'll want to read Cheetah Negotiations by Michelle LaBrosse, PMP, and Linda Lansky, PMP. 



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